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Assumptions – Car Insurance

Before we go any further with your quote, we just want to check a few things with you first.

We've assumed some facts about you and your vehicle to speed the process up a bit. All you need to do is check that these all apply to you, then click ‘confirm’.

If these assumptions don’t apply to you, we may be able to find you an alternative option – just get in touch on 0131 555 5999 and we’ll see what we can do.

Assumptions about this cover:


  • Are a resident of the UK.
  • Are the main driver of the car.
  • Do not live in a caravan, hotel, guesthouse, mobile home, company address or licenced premises.

Your vehicle

  • Is a standard UK model.
  • Will not be insured by a leasing company, any other company or club.
  • Is not used for private hire, tuition, competitions or rallies.
  • Has not been declared a write off, and is not currently impounded.
  • Has a valid UK registration number, is not ‘Q’ registered and meets UK specifications.

All drivers

  • Have no criminal convictions or pending prosecutions.
  • Have not been declared bankrupt or have any county court judgements in the last six years.
  • Haven’t had insurance refused previously.
  • Have informed the DVLA of any medical issues that could affect your driving.

Please answer honestly and to the best of your knowledge, as any incorrect information supplied could invalidate your policy, and may result in no pay out in the event of a claim.

It helps when completing your quote if you have the following to hand:

  • Details of your no claims discount (NCD).
  • The driving licences for all named drivers you would like to have on the policy.
  • Claims, convictions or accident details.

In order to proceed with this quotation and to set up cover online, you will also need a valid email address.

If all of the above applies to you, click ‘Confirm’ to move on to the next stage.

Please note

Insurers may also obtain publicly available information from third parties, for the purpose of identity verification and fraud prevention, including a credit reference agency. Their search will appear on your credit report whether or not your applications proceed but will not impact your credit history.
You should be aware that insurers exchange information through various databases to help check information provided and to prevent fraudulent claims. Specifically, Insurance Database Services Limited (IDSL) hosts the Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE) which holds a record of incidents reported to insurance companies by policyholders and third party claimants.
Insurers may validate the information provided by you, both about yourself and about any other person named on the application, against the information held on CUE and against other databases hosted by IDSL. Insurers may use this information to consider whether to accept the risk.
For details relating to information held about you on the Claims and Underwriting Exchange please visit insurancedatabases.co.uk

By clicking 'Confirm' you accept the above assumptions and statement as well as our Terms and Conditions which include full details of our charges and how we use your personal information.